NGC8 low voltage equipment


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NGC8 low voltage equipment

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NGC8 low voltage equipment

NGC8 intelligent AC low-voltage complete equipment is the new generation of low-voltage switchgear with independent intellectual property rights designed and developed by Chint Electric to integrate all the advantages of the latest products at home and abroad. Applicable to all places where power generation, distribution and power use.
NGC8 breaks through the technical bottleneck of low-voltage switchgear, achieving safe, reliable and intelligent control at a higher level, through physical separation and independent operation of power cables and control components.
Nowadays, the personal safety guarantee is higher, the high modularity simplifies the type of drawer scheme to the utmost, and the time of power failure is greatly shortened by alarm, early warning and rapid maintenance.
The design and materials of the NOC8 system minimize arcing, even if an arc fault has occurred, can be extinguished in the shortest amount of time, and the selected material does not contain CFC and halogen, and will not pollute the environment.
The cabinet structure of the NGC8 system is highly flexible, and the cabinet adopts a modular structure, which can meet different working environment requirements through flexible assembly.
Implementation standards: IEC61439.2-2011, GB7251.12-2013
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