NG7-40.5 gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (ring type)


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NG7-40.5 gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (ring type)

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NG7-40.5 gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (ring type)

NG7-40.5 series box gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (C-GIS) is a compact, fully insulated and fully sealed inflatable ring network switchgear developed by our company. This product uses a unique pressure-type load switch, load switch-fuse combination device, circuit breaker, etc. as the main functional unit, placed in a gas box welded by stainless steel plate, with SF6 as the insulating medium, all charged outside the air box. Some of them are assembled and connected by composite insulation. They are not affected by high altitude, salt spray and tidal temperature pollution. They are characterized by high reliability, maintenance-free, strong adaptability and small footprint.
This product is suitable for ring network power supply or dual radiation power supply of 40.5kV power supply line. It is suitable for users with large power supply load density and cable feeder network, and also meets the requirements of secondary substation, photovoltaic power station and wind farm for compact switchgear. Rated frequency 50/60Hz, rated voltage is 40.5kV, rated current 1250A, 630A and below.
Implementation criteria:
IEC 62271-200:2003 (MOD)
IEC 62271-10:2001 (MOD)
IEC 62271-1:2007 (MOD)
GB 3906-2006 GB/T 11022-2011
GB 1984-2003 GB 1985-2004
GB 3804-2004 DL 404-2007
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