Driven by the transformation of low-voltage electrical industry


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Driven by the transformation of low-voltage electrical industry

Introduction: The relevant departments hope to realize the production mode of robot replacement people in the future. Last year, 36 cities in China announced that they had begun preparations for Industry 4.0. More than 40 government-funded industrial parks have recently started.
Driven by the transformation of low-voltage electrical industry, China's intelligent manufacturing industry will accelerate development
Low-voltage electrical appliances - Some people are worried about robotization, and the employment space will be further narrowed, affecting the market employment rate. In fact, in many cases, perhaps it is more worrying. Because the current job market itself has begun to appear "people shortage", especially in some "hard" industries, it is difficult to recruit people, and the chances of retaining people are not great.
With the rise of the post-90s, their values ​​of life have undergone great changes. The concept of simply working and suffering has long been incompatible with the past. They are chasing themselves more, and the requirements for the environment, work scenes, treatment, etc. are more diverse. And the stability is even worse, so in some areas "employment shortage" has become imminent for enterprises.
At this time, if you can introduce robots, then it is also a good choice. In fact, Foxconn is constantly introducing robots, and even increasing its research and development and investment in this low-voltage electrical appliance may be a helpless move.
The robot market is a big market
It is reported that three of the world's top ten employers have deployed tens of thousands of robots to replace the labor of workers. Foxconn, the leading cooperative foundry manufacturer for Apple, Google and Amazon, is the tenth largest employer in the world. The company has replaced 60,000 workers with robots. In fact, familiar with Foxconn, it is known that the labor shortage has affected Foxconn for a time, so a large number of robots have begun to be used instead of labor costs.