Hubei Zhaotai Electric Intelligent Complete Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Project


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Hubei Zhaotai Electric Intelligent Complete Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Project

According to the State Council No. 253 "Regulations on Environmental Protection Management of Construction Projects", "Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China" and Huanfa [2006] No. 28 "Interim Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment", the relevant information is disclosed as follows :
I. Construction project name and summary
1. Project Name: Hubei Zhaotai Electric Intelligent Complete Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Project
2. Project summary
Construction unit: Hubei Zhaotai Electric Co., Ltd.
Construction site: Hubei Dongbao Industrial Park
Construction Scale: The project is located in Hubei Dongbao Industrial Park, with a total construction area of ​​23,000 square meters, including steel structure factory, Chinese factory building and comprehensive office building. It mainly produces transformers, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, van substations, bridges and related power supporting products, with an annual output value of 200 million.
Investment scale: 100 million yuan
Second, the name and contact information of the construction unit
Construction unit: Hubei Zhaotai Electric Co., Ltd.
Contact: Miss Fan
Contact number: 18986968098
3. Name and contact information of the environmental assessment agency undertaking the evaluation work
Environmental Assessment Agency: Hubei Jinghuan Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact: Zhang Gong
Contact number: 0724-2351332
Email: jmhbs@vip.163.com
4. Working procedures and main work contents of environmental impact assessment
1. Working procedures for environmental impact assessment
The environmental impact assessment unit accepts the preparatory work commissioned by the construction unit (including data collection, on-site visits, etc.) → conducts environmental assessment work → prepares “Environmental Impact Report” (including feedback public opinion) → “Environmental Impact Report” expert review → according to Report on the revision of expert opinions → report to the environmental protection administrative department for approval.
2. Main work contents of environmental impact assessment
1 Systematic analysis of construction projects, quantitative calculation of pollutant production and emissions after project construction.
2 Investigate and evaluate the current environmental quality of the surrounding areas of the construction project.
3 Forecast and evaluate the extent and extent of impacts of construction projects on ambient air, surface water, and acoustic environment.
4 Evaluation of the impact of solid waste on environmental impact.
5 Analyze and demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed pollution prevention measures and measures.
6 Investigate the relevant public to understand the public's views and opinions on the construction project in terms of environmental protection.
7 Evaluate the conformity of the project with national environmental laws, regulations and standards, and draw conclusions on the feasibility of project construction in environmental protection.
V. Main issues for public comment
1. Solicit public opinions and opinions on the intelligent electrical equipment manufacturing project of Hubei Zhaotai Electric.
2. Solicit public attention to the environmental issues that concern after the completion of Hubei Zhaotai Electric's intelligent electrical equipment manufacturing project.
6. The main way for the public to make comments
After the report is first publicized, the public can directly contact the EIA unit or the construction unit that undertakes the EIA work within 10 working days by means of written opinions, e-mails, telephone calls, etc.
The effective time for online publicity will be 10 working days from the date of publication.